That is putting it in layman’s terms. But if you really want to get technical with me then okay. And here is your invitation too then. Would you be interested to buy likes Instagram will surely approve of? You could also buy followers and comments too if you like. In fact, why don’t you do what I have been doing since day zero? From time to time, I make the purchase. But I do not always need to utilize the likes, comments and followers straight away.

Instagram approves. This approval makes itself evident in the sense that these bought purchases will be compatible with the platform. It should also be the case if you are utilizing Android or that other phone that everyone simply must have. I don’t have it. Yet. But my brother does. And maybe you do too. It’s the iPhone, didn’t you know. My brother is a graphic designer by trade. I’m a copywriter and online copyeditor.

So perhaps the iPhone’s tools check out for my brother. Maybe the software helps you too. That reminds me, the software service provider has got hundreds of applications you could tap into at any time of your choosing. The same goes for the Instagram platform. The trouble is, and this is no reflection on Instagram, so many plugins could just confuse the issue for you. It could overwhelm you.

It can be exhausting and time wasting work trying to figure out which plugins or add-ons to configure. So, don’t go accepting every little thing that is foisted in front of you. First, inspect the goods as any vigilant consumer activist would tell you. Right, On to the necessary work to help turn your platform into an easily identifiable and recognizable brand that everyone would surely want to tap into.

Make a point of taking advantage of Instagram’s graphic design tools. Very easy to do once you get the hang of it. While you are being given every encouragement by Instagram and the service provider that is bringing you your likes, followers and comments, to create as unique a visual presentation as possible, it’s a good and professional idea to align your visual presentation with Instagram’s iconic interface.

See, Instagram is already a well-recognized brand and you are kind of piggy-backing onto this iconic image that everyone is already familiar with. And straightaway you can be networking with leading influencers in your niche space or field of interest. Also, do make a point of staying local for the time being, especially if you’re just starting out. You can identify your local or target markets easily enough simply by tapping into Instagram’s Places field.

Make it a habit to edit your tags on a regular basis so that your platform is not saddled and troubled by regular rubbish that always seems to filter its way onto unwitting platforms. And will you look at the time! It’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re having this much fun. Chow now!

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