And so you had best be prepared. You do not wish to be left behind for what could be the ride of your life. In order for me to turn over quality work to my clients, I for one would much prefer to be taking my time over my projects. But true to their form, clients do set rather tight deadlines. This I do not mind and I realize that it cannot be helped either. You see, my clients are also under the weather as far as deadlines go.

But are we under the gun? No, not a chance. We are quite used to the speed at which the internet operates right now, and right about now, we are all quite excited, not downtrodden, at the speed at which social media is moving these days. Word gets out a lot quicker if you push your material through the social media channels, and we have found, much to our advantage, that Instagram is about the leading place in which to promote our clients’ work.

Interestingly, it took them to inform us about the matter. We were well aware of the platform. It’s just that we did not yet have too many clients promoting themselves on Instagram. And to think that one of our clients very kindly suggested that we should register our own profiles on Instagram. This we did and, boy oh boy, are we seeing positive results from this. My primary client is happy. She does not mind having more work that is kind of difficult to manage.

Because it is manageable. While I am still very much a one-man band operation, her business required her to advertise for new positions. And this she could do on Instagram. She had to laugh though, just how much time it was taking for her to sift through all the applications and resumes. Easy to do, I said. It becomes a case of sifting the wheat from the chaff. You see, it’s like this. You take note of those active Instagram account holders who are already making a good impression.

And those who appear to be moderately quiet, well, you can dismiss them for now. I did have one concern about this. What if we missed out on quality workmanship? Well, it can’t be helped. Time is money. And here on Instagram, time does not appear to be standing still. I’ve even forced myself to purchase automatic Instagram likes to pep my posts up for added attractiveness because I really cannot wait until the next day to see how many positive responses I’ve had to my regular batch of posts.

And in doing this, buying the likes, I seem to find that I’m achieving quicker responses to my posts. The work is welcome but I am finding that it is really necessary to schedule my social media production time quite carefully because I do not want to be lagging behind when replying to some of those potentially forward-looking and lucrative queries.

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