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Thoughts On Growing Numbers On Social Media Platform

There appears to be a growing preoccupation with numbers. Certainly, this has been the case for pretty much each and every going concern. It certainly continues to be the case today. Because just how far could any business, large and small, and no matter what kind, go without a continuous and growing flow of money. Social media has tended to grow in leaps and bounds over the last twenty years or so. Long before Instagram was conceptualized, there was this obsession with numbers. At that time, it was the in thing to be on Facebook.

Bragging rights were claimed. And the vanity project took a giant leap forward when the Facebook community member could brag to others just how many friends he had. Not that he needed to because they could already see this if they really wanted to. One thing the curious eye could not miss was the number of likes a particular post fetched, no matter how silly or inconsequential it was. Today, however, all that silliness has come to pass.

It is even being said that successful entrepreneurs and certainly, today’s so-called millennials have been giving Facebook something of a back seat. But being the smart workers they are, they have not entirely abandoned the ‘friends’ project altogether. Although, one old lady did make a valid point. Why call them your friends when in fact, they are not. Strictly speaking, they remain passing acquaintances.

But more importantly, you could categorize them as business associates, one way or another. Now, the term ‘followers’ does appear to be more appropriate. This does make sense. And when a progressively active Instagram subscriber showcases to others that he has got 100 Insta followers more this quarter, he is doing rather nicely for himself. And thereafter, the numbers continue to grow.

And let it be said, or does this bear reminding to readers, that this is no vanity project. No folks, this is business. 100 Insta followers are what is driving this business forward. It has to be one of the smartest marketing tools conceptualized since the pioneering days of YouTube. Conventional marketing and advertising work have always been rather expensive, in more ways than one. But not so with Instagram followers, and for that matter, likes.

Not a dime has been spent in lieu of the business being promoted by followers, directly or indirectly. But do not for a moment perceive that this has all been one great act of charity for the small biz entrepreneur. Not at all, because each and every active follower is making gains for himself too. His promotional act is a positive tick on his profile as well. Numerous others are making gains too. Each and everyone out there has got his or her own story to share.

And people like to see the actual story, not just read about it. And you can do this on Instagram. As they say; the proof is in the pudding.

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