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What happens after you buy the first 50?

This short article on the popular Instagram tool, otherwise known as ‘likes’ can, by way of a good introduction towards deriving solid benefits from likes can use the monetary effect of compound interest as a strong metaphor for what could happen on behalf of Instagram subscribers who initially buy 50 Instagram likes for whatever purpose or motivation. Usually, these all have practical implications but on the most basic level, there is a strong desire to simply be liked. It remains one of the most curious and enduring characteristics of human nature. And depending on the approach taken to live in general, it can be quite positive.

So, what would happen if, say, you bought fifty Instagram likes? Well, nothing really. That is to say, you do no work going forward. But plenty much if you do indeed do the recommended and necessary work. And over a period of time, compound interest does set in. The call to action has been given to you to endeavour to do your best creative work.

In order to ensure new follower confirmation requests continue to arrive into your Instagram in-tray, regular engagement work will be required.

Regular posting work keeps both current and future followers fully aware of your presence on Instagram. The bought likes and followers, if they are proven to be somehow active, can make a positive contribution in regard to responding to the posts and prompting others, outsiders in the main and for the time being, to tap the like button in your favour. If not that then at least pay it forward as they say. Pay it forward by making referrals to others who could derive benefit from your Instagram campaign.

It is important to remain active in following what others are doing going forward. It is at the most basic level that, in this fashion, you are carrying out your own market research work. You could refer to this subjectively as a fishing expedition in the sense that you are always aware of ‘what’s going on’. But there is some double entendre with this necessary exercise. It is a play in two parts. The curtain has fallen on the first act, the second act becomes something of an awareness campaign, whether this is done willfully or un-intentionally, but usually with intent.

In just the same manner of recording static followers under your profile purely for show, or for posterity, it serves no positive purpose in merely adding your name as one of the followers and then doing nothing further. Another call to action is being made to you. It is this. It is important for you to become an active follower. Like you will expect your own future followers to do to you, it is incumbent upon you to actively engage with your dedicated influencers and his followers by way of conversation, comments, queries and complements.

Here’s to trusting that this short motivational note has been a valuable one for you.

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